Partnerships & Affiliations

Before the restructuring process, ZHUMC entered into partnerships with several reputable institutions such as the Lebanese university (2003), Balamand University (2006), and the Beirut Arab University (2008). The strategy behind such diverse cooperation agreements aimed at addressing various healthcare needs, creating a structure for continuous medical education, and ensuring patients with safety and quality service.

In mid 2016, the hospital witnessed drastic changes in management guided by a new motto; “A Revolution for Evolution”. This new vision of the board focused on an organizational remodeling of the institution based on scientific indicators to meet high accreditation standards. This led to Al-Zahraa Hospital’s acquisition of its new status as “University Medical Center” in 2016, upon the signature of its agreement with the Faculty of Medicine at the Lebanese University.

Today, “Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center” is considered as one of the two certified university hospitals affiliated with the Lebanese University.