The division of Anesthesiology at Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center (ZHUMC) provides comprehensive anesthesia services to patients undergoing surgery with a variety of options, including local, general, and regional anesthesia. The division is also involved in other interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and in pain management.

Assisted by qualified anesthetic technicians, anesthetic nurses, and respiratory therapists, the division provides care for a yearly average of 8,000 patients undergoing surgery.

During the past few years, the division has expanded significantly in terms of its provision of clinical care, acquisition of new equipment, and contribution to hospital administration and teaching in collaboration with the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Medicine.

At this division, we strive to serve our patients with integrity and empathy. We also aim at making their hospital stay as safe and comfortable as possible.


As the number of patients undergoing one-day surgery is increasing, the division of anesthesia ensures a safe, effective and affordable brief stay in the hospital. Accordingly, these patients are assessed prior to admission and prepared in collaboration with other specialties for anesthesia and surgery in optimal health and clinical conditions.

General anesthesia is present in all fields of surgery: general, bariatric, urologic, gynecologic, ENT, ophthalmologic, orthopedics, plastic, vascular, thoracic, and neurologic surgery.

Local, regional, spinal and block anesthesia is available additionally whenever possible in children, the elderly and vulnerable populations to avoid the risk of exposure to general anesthesia. These modalities can be applied in many surgical procedures such as circumcision, breast surgery, shoulder surgery, hip surgery, inguinal hernia, etc.
Sedation and gentle anesthesia is done while performing some diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as during endoscopy, or, while taking biopsies under imaging.


Message From The Chair



Rosalie Bou Saba, M.D.

Division Chair


Tel: +961-1-851040 Ext: 3333/3336


  1. Dr. Rosalie Bou Saba
  2. Dr. Robert Kashi

    Dr. Robert Kashi

    1. Anesthesiology
    1. Anaesthesiologist
  3. Dr-Ghinwa-Salhab