Hospital Admission

Our mission at the admitting office is to offer high quality and optimal customer service to patients through coordinating, scheduling and processing admissions and discharges and managing outpatients’ medical services. The information below will facilitate the admission process and help patients plan their own admission. Patients are advised to share below information with their family members to guide them through the process. At ZHUMC, we accept most types of private and governmental insurance schemes.

Required Documents

For admission to hospital, patients are required to have the following documents:

  • Personal identification card, Civil Status Record, or Passport
  • Medical authorization card from the guarantor (Insurance card, NSSF card, ISF card etc.)
  • Admission slip filled by the admitting physician
  • Doctor’s forms, letters, requests and prescriptions
  • X-rays, scans, and lab tests related to the admission and/or the medical condition patients have

Additional documents might be required depending on the patient coverage and insurer:

  1. For NSSF Patients:
    • NSSF prior or post approval filled by the treating physician.
    • Social investigation (might be needed)
  2. For Lebanese Army Patients:
    • Copy of the medical Identity Card
    • Medical report filled by the treating physician
    • Guarantor’s approval
  3. For Internal Security Forces Patients:
    • Copy of patient Identity Card and Medical Identity Card
    • Hospital admission template specific to Internal Security Forces
    • Request templates (form 5) specific to the Internal Security Forces from the admissions’ office.
    • Guarantor’s approval
  4. For Municipality of Beirut Patients:
    • Copy of medical Identity Card
    • Hospital admission template (form1) specific to Municipality of Beirut from the treating Physician
    • Guarantor’s approval
  5. For  Patients with Insurances Companies:
    • Copy of patient Identity Card and the insurance Identity Card
    • Hospital admission form specific to the Guarantor
    • Guarantor’s approval

For convenience of patients, the admitting department at ZHUMC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The admission process is carefully designed to reduce pre-admission waiting time as much as possible. Patients are encouraged to ask the admission office for any information they need regarding any additional papers might be required depending on your insurance requirements.

Discharge Process

Upon discharge, the medical team and nurses on floor will ensure a safe discharge based on your medical condition, and provide you with prescriptions, follow-up dates and the necessary medical instructions. On the day of discharge, patient will be informed of any uncompleted or required documents; the discharge procedure including billing takes around two hours from the time of sending the medical file from the floor. For their convenience, patients are kindly requested to wait in their room until their bill is settled.

Contact Information

Main Admitting Office
Tel: 00961-1-851040 Ext: 3014 – 3015 – 3017
ER Admitting Office
Tel: 00961-1-851040 Ext: 3064 – 3065