Al Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center beirut

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Why Choose Al Zahraa Hospital?



Backed by its solid history of doing routine or highly complex procedures with utmost care, Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center is a 300 bed hospital that welcomes all conditions- all year long.

Sharp Diagnosis

Patients visiting Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center know that all cases are studied extensively, and a clear-cut diagnosis is given. In complex conditions, multiple consultations are conducted before a second opinion.

Unparalleled Care

At ZHUMC, an expert team works hard to get refined results; and most importantly, a content and reassured patient about treatments/ procedures and ultimately one’s health.

World Affiliation

Partnering with world experts and associations is key in working towards affirming continuously ZHUMC’s academic standing and it becoming a reference in Lebanon, the Middle East and North Africa.

Our Partnership