Medical Affairs

We, at Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center (ZHUMC), take great pride in providing quality healthcare to our growing community. We are committed to providing capacity building to serve our community and to reach the highest standards of clinical care and education with an understanding of the local culture and environment. We work closely with clinical heads spanning the entire health system in the hospital to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective healthcare services. Thus, we provide coordinate all medical operations throughout the hospital with proper staffing. We also ensure our professional staff and physicians with day-to-day support.

Our Responsibilities

Our primary responsibilities are focused on facilitating the work of our medical staff. We are keen on carrying out systematic screening and reviewing of credentials of all new applicants, along with an ongoing professional practice review. We also annually update our medical human resources strategy, where recruitment is based on identified areas of need.
These responsibilities include managing the clinical teaching and implementing affiliation agreement for students and resident physicians from the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Medicine as well as other medical and graduate clinical education programs such as those involving pharmacists and dietitians. Among our other core responsibilities are epidemiology and infection prevention, patient safety, regulatory readiness, pharmacy function, health information management, data collection and analytics for reported quality measures, and overall clinical quality and hospital performance.