The nephrology team at ZHUMC provides comprehensive consultations to inpatients and outpatients with kidney diseases. Our renal dialysis center delivers treatments to acute and chronic renal failure cases. 




In this division, we treat the following conditions:

  • The nephrology team offers evaluation and treatment to in-hospital patients with acute and chronic kidney diseases, disorders of fluid and electrolytes, complicated hypertension, and other nephrology problems.
  • The renal dialysis center operates in three shifts daily, six days per week. The timings of dialysis sessions are set to fit patients’ schedules conveniently. The nephrology team is always present in the center along with qualified registered nurses trained in renal dialysis to run the service at high nurse/patient ratio, with the support of paramedical staff as needed. A separate hemodialysis area is designed for use of hepatitis B patients. HCV patients are also treated in distinct areas. Additionally, bedside dialysis is available in the specialized care units for critical patients.
  • The renal dialysis center is maintained to provide a safe, clean and hygienic environment for patients, their attendants, visitors and staff, and adheres to the MOPH (Ministry of Public Health) regulations in terms of space, privacy of patients, utility areas, storage and materials supply, drugs consumption, and maintenance of emergency equipment.
  • The renal dialysis center conducts monthly chemical and bacterial analysis of water used for ultrapure water and high flux dialysis, in line with the most recent European and American standards and guidelines. The center monitors quality indicators and participates in the hospital's quality related initiatives.


The Nephrology Division at ZHUMC offers training in various aspects of nephrology as part of fellowship programs with affiliated university. The goal of our fellowship training is to provide excellent care to patients with kidney diseases and to create a rigorous and supportive environment in which fellows are trained to become successful physicians.

Message From The Chair


The mission of our Nephrology Division and dialysis center is to provide our patients with optimal treatment in a safe and suitable environment.


Majdi Hmedeh, M.D.

Division Chair


Tel: +961-1-851040 Ext: 3232/3239