Lebanese University – Faculty of Medicine

The agreement signed between Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center (ZHUMC) and the Lebanese University makes ZHUMC the major teaching and research hospital for the Faculty of Medicine in Lebanon’s national university. Accordingly, residents coming from this faculty would benefit from wide exposure to a variety of diseases, to advanced laboratory and imaging facilities, as well as developed quality assurance programs. Faculty members are actively involved in the learning objectives and professional development of our residents, in addition to their important role in clinical training and didactic instruction. Meetings are planned throughout the year to discuss progress and adjust teaching programs as needed, with feedback evaluation of these programs from residents on a bi-annual basis.

Lectures, conferences, and seminars performed at the hospital are gathered and indexed in special booklets for the residents’ quick reference whenever needed. ZHUMC also continues to secure its residents and staff members with innovative advances, especially in the development of electronic medical files.