Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center (ZHUMC), a non-profit organization accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), is dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical care for all patients without any discrimination. Throughout the years, ZHUMC- with its committed leadership and highly qualified and well-trained medical and administrative staff- has continued to expand, offering a wide range of consistent high quality medical services to the community in order to achieve its humanitarian mission.

The Road to Accreditation
  • 1995: ZHUMC was classified as “A 5 stars” by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health according to Public Health Minister’s decision No 583/A dated 11/4/1995.
  • 2002: ZHUMC ranked 8th among Lebanese hospitals according to a national survey, with highest scores for Basic and Accreditation standards.
  • 2005: Based on the “OPCV” audit of 26/5/2005, the Ministry of Public Health announced ZHUMC among the top 15 Lebanese hospitals classified in category A.
  • 2011: ZHUMC was re-accredited without any reservation by the Ministry of Public Health.