The Division of General surgery at Al-Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center (ZHUMC) is one of many dynamic divisions at this hospital. The division has a team of talented, well experienced, and highly certified surgeons. Our skilled surgeons offer unparalleled care to our patients.

The scope of our activity covers all sub-specialties in this surgical domain, including: endocrinology surgery, oncologic surgery, abdominal wall surgery, digestive tract surgery, and thoracic-vascular surgery, among several others.

We are also proud to offer laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery. Thanks to the achievements of our surgeons, we have become a reference center for these two specialties, and a center of excellence in bariatric surgery in term of the high load of patients, the type of complex cases referred to us, and the excellent outcomes provided.

On the other hand, based on our experience and the adequate resources we have, the general surgery division is capable of organizing and providing full teaching and training courses to residents and fellows, while also organizing successful conferences each year.





  • Thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal surgeries
  • Open and laparoscopic surgeries for various solid tumors
  • Open and laparoscopic surgeries on GI tract
  • Abdominal wall reconstruction and laparoscopic repair of hernias
  • Open and laparoscopic gastric bypass and gastric sleeve


Message From The Chair



Samer Dbouk, M.D.

Division Chair


Tel: +961-1-851040 Ext: 3333