The Division of Orthopedic Surgery at ZHUMC is one of our very active units, where we perform the entire spectrum of orthopedic surgeries. Our division manages a wide variety of musculo-skeletal disorders and injuries from bone and joint pain to the most advanced hip and knee replacement surgeries as well as reconstructive surgeries. The division is fully equipped and we have quick access to the best instruments available in the field.

Our highly skilled orthopedists, each in their own field of expertise, have earned the trust of our patients as they offer personalized care according to individual patient needs. We follow a comprehensive approach to all types of orthopedic conditions, diseases and injuries. Our team explores non-surgical options or minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. This helps patients endure less pain, face fewer complications, and achieve a faster and more long-term recovery.

At our division, we also apply new and innovative approaches in all types of orthopedic treatments, whether surgical or nonsurgical.


  • Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy
  • Cartilage repair, implant or transplant to restore cartilage and prolong the life of joints
  • Removal of benign cysts and ganglions interfering with joint function
  • Repair of all types of fractures, with internal fixation procedures when needed to hold a fractured bone in place while it heals
  • Joint fusion of spine, wrist, ankle, and fingers when prescribed to relieve pain
  • Joint replacement, including partial, total or revision
  • Repair and reconstruction procedures of ligaments and tendons
  • Nerve repair and grafting procedures
  • Osteotomy: cutting and reshaping of bone to relieve pressure on joint, correct alignment and improve stability
  • Reconstructive joint procedures
  • Foot and toe surgeries



Message From The Chair



Hadi Yassine, M.D.

Division Chair


Tel: +961-3-830214