Hospital Name & Logo
Hospital Name

The hospital’s name was inspired by Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who was referred to as “Al-Zahraa,” which means “the shining one”. Fatimah was unique in her qualities and noble traits. She is regarded as one of the most remarkable women in history for attaining the highest ranks of virtue and perfection. In her community, Fatimah was charitable and very kind to the poor and the deprived. She provided care to all those in need, regardless of their background, status or differences.

Hospital Logo

Al-Zahraa Hospital logo is very symbolic. Developed in 2018, its iconography and colors were meant to reflect the qualities of Fatimah that significantly inspire the values of our hospital.

Iconography: The flower represents compassion, care and health. This element, along with the name of the hospital and the year it was founded, are framed in a shield, which represents safety and protection from risks or maladies.

Colors: The logo colors are blue and white. Blue generally symbolizes trust, health and healing. Dark blue, specifically, represents knowledge, power and integrity. White is associated with light, goodness and purity.