The Infectious Diseases Division at ZHUMC offers consultations for both inpatients and outpatients, managing all types of infections, fevers and contagious diseases. Doctors in our division provide full coverage for consultations and emergencies, work as one team in dealing with rare and complex cases, and coordinate with the remaining disciplines to ensure a patient-centered care.

The division actively participates in the continuous education efforts designed by the hospital for nursing staff and healthcare workers. We are also active in teaching residents as designated by the hospital for internal medicine subspecialties.



The Infectious Diseases Division in association with the Infection Control Department carry out the following initiatives:

  • Prevention of infections through isolation methods, adherence to infection control rules, and vaccination programs
  • Controlling the implementation of antibiotic stewardship program throughout the hospital
  • Full engagement in the hospital strategic planning process
  • Measuring and benchmarking clinical indicators relevant to infection control and hospital acquired infections
  • Guiding quality projects related to infection control and patient safety such as hand hygiene, wound care, Foley care, central line care, and ICU infections
  • Providing effective and continuous education to patients and families in matters related to prevention from infections
  • Participation in nationwide campaigns and world health organization campaigns for awareness and prevention from outbreaks
  • Ensuring the preparedness of the hospital for the detection and management of outbreaks

Scope of Activity

 Clinical syndromes and infectious problems that we manage include:

  • All types of systemic infections such as CNS, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, intra-abdominal, soft tissue, joints, endocarditis, etc.
  • Systemic febrile illness due to brucellosis, typhoid fever, malaria, etc.
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Wound infections and diabetic foot
  • Prevention and management of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Traveler vaccination and traveler fever
  • HIV-related infections
  • Infections due to atypical microorganisms


Message From The Chair



Tel: +961-1-851040 Ext: 3428


  1. Dr. Rima Mognieh

    Dr. Rima Mognieh

    1. Infectious Diseases
    1. Infectious Diseases Specialist
  2. Dr. Nada Shamseddine

    Dr. Nada Shamseddine

    1. Infectious Diseases
    1. Infectious Diseases Specialist
  3. Dr. Zouheir Kreidly

    Dr. Zouheir Kreidly

    1. Infectious Diseases
    1. Infectious Diseases Specialist