The Division of Cardiology at ZHUMC was established in 2004. It is composed of a team of cardiologists who rely on the latest technological installations. In 2017, the department was recognized as one of Lebanon’s first centers to treat Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) and perform complex PCI.

The Cardiology Department can be considered one of the country’s best cardiology and heart disease care centers, as it benefits from the expertise of the hospital’s trained multidisciplinary teams and medical staff.

That same year, the department had around 4,000 admissions and applied over 2,000 different procedures, becoming one of the busiest centers serving Beirut. The department also serves as a reference center for patients from other areas in Lebanon and the region.






Our department is capable of treating coronary chronic lesions, delivering the best treatment possible using latest technologies such as:

  • IVUS: Intravascular Ultrasound is a medical imaging methodology involving a specially designed catheter and a miniaturized ultrasound probe that is attached to the distal end of the catheter. The proximal end of the catheter is attached to computerized ultrasound equipment.
  • Intracoronary Rotablation: Coronary Atherectomy, or rotablation, is a catheter-based procedure including a high-speed rotating metallic burr that abrades calcified (hardened) plaque that blocks an artery and blood supply to the heart, rotating at a speed of up to 200,000 RPM.
  • FFR: Fractional Flow Reserve is a technique applied in coronary catheterization to measure pressure differences across a coronary artery stenosis, determining the likelihood of the stenosis impeding oxygen delivery to the heart muscle


Message From The Chair



Ali Sayed, M.D.

Division Chair


Tel: +961-1-851040 Ext: 3233/3234